Antonio Brown’s descent into hell as the dark manifestation of Eshu/Hermes continues. As his legal woes mount, and no NFL team wants to touch the radioactive receiver, Brown sits on the sideline, and there’s no telling when this cyclonic set in motion will come to a stop, nor how much devastation will he leave in his furious wake. At least for now.

It all started in Pittsburgh where detonated one of the league’s blue blood franchises. The Rooney’s epitomize the liberal streak that runs through the new NFL, but for all their SJW sheen, the franchise, like many teams in the NFL was bought and built by vice.

Art Rooney was a notorious gambler and somehow managed to “win” $160,000 at a dog track to hire a coach and staff, after he initially purchased the Steelers (then the Pirates) for a mere $2500.00 in 1933. The Rooneys still maintain ownership in harness racing, greyhound parks and casinos. The league has urged the family to sell the gambling operations, so that it can be squeaky clean and tidy whitey.

They recently sold a harness track in upstate New York, but still retain a number of gambling assets.

Two of the Rooneys, Tom and Patrick are US and Florida State reps in Florida, Patrick is also an owner of “The Kennel Club” a club that has live simulcasting and betting from dog parks around the country, along with on site gambling, poker, slots, etc..

The Rooneys are related to the Mara’s, another Irish family that bought into the NFL with mob money, when bookie, Tim Mara had enough scratch purchased the New York Giants.

The Rooneys have always feigned virtuous intent under the guise of social justice. Art Rooney was an owner that cast a vote against the Dallas Chiefs, a one-year NFL franchise that eventually became the Baltimore Colts. Rooney claimed that Dallas was a racist town, but likely had to do with some personal interest. The Steelers were founded on vice and the family continues to profit from it, while extolling the social values of equality and liberal race relations. In fact, the NFL has a joke of a rule called “The Rooney Rule” which forces teams to have ridiculous interviews with so called, “people of color” for head coaching positions. Teams have been forced to go through hiring charades, when they know who they want to hire, but need to do the liberal pantomime for the PC police. But that’s part of the game.

Antonio Brown has oddly been weird moral avenger for the past year.

He took a flame thrower to the Steelers organization, torching Big Ben Roethelisberger and creating enough chaos and cacophony that even the very liberal Rooneys couldn’t hold on to one of the league’s most talented players.

Guess they ran out of tolerance.

Brown was shipped to Oakland, where he infamously froze his feet (soles) and then protested that he couldn’t use his regular helmet, but had to use a league approved model. It was symbolic; from kether to malkuth, the root to the fruit, sole/soul to the crown.

The Raiders, like the Steelers were founded on stealth, deceit and outright theft. Al Davis, the longtime owner of the team was once a minority owner, but when Wayne Valley, the majority owner was out of the country, Davis led a coup, by having Valley voted out, while absorbing enough shares to hijack the the Raiders.

The NFL now owns most of the Raiders and Mark Davis, the psychically abused son of Al Davis, is really a figurehead at this point.

Brown torched the Raiders too.

They released him and was quickly signed by the Patriots, owned by another fraud, Bob Kraft, who still hasn’t answered for his rub and tugs with Chinese sex slaves down in Florida, where he was caught in a sting.

As Brown’s misdeeds with his sex thaing/trainer from Michigan surfaced, it started to hit too close to home for Kraft, who was skating away from getting BJs and quite possibly more from trafficked sex slaves. For Kraft, it was personal. Brown had to go.

The irony was not lost on AB.


Brown isn’t a football player anymore, he’s an archetype. He’s Eshu/Hermes, a trickster, a devilish messenger that bounds between Heaven and Hell. Eshu/Hermes is amoral, a trait Brown has displayed with reckless abandon.

Astrologically, he’s a Cancer Sun, but has a stellium of Gemini lurking behind it Mercury/Moon/Venus). Mercury at 27 degrees in Gemini and is in an oppositional relationship with Saturn and Uranus in Sag. Oppositional is the key word here. Brown is as explosive off the field as he is on it. With both Saturn and Uranus conjuncting the Galactic Center, a strange, hyper-morality fuels his mercurial madness. In lay terms, he really can’t help himself. What’s an archetype supposed to do?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if AB has been initiated into Vodun and is an actual channel for Eshu, unleashing destructive forces that cannot be contained.

Last year, he bought a goat ring with 10,000 diamonds worth 20k.

Make of it what you will.

We haven’t heard or seen the end of Antonio Brown.

In late November, When Jupiter conjuncts his natal Uranus and Saturn, I wouldn’t be surprised if he returns to the NFL, when some needy team sees him as their ticket to Miami, or he’ll flash like a super nova and continue his journey between newer worlds of unspeakable horrors and heavenly delights.